Written by Joshua Bixby

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With Opening Day just around the corner, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how some of the major online ticketing agencies perform. While a couple of sites offered a fairly speedy transaction experience, most were slow, and I was surprised to see which ones were slowest. My biggest takeaway: None of these sites are ready for the massive growth in mobile ticket purchasing that’s just around the corner.

Last week, the folks at O’Reilly announced the speaker list for Velocity 2012, and it looks like a good one. (And I’m not just saying that because our VP Technology, Hooman Beheshti, is on it.) Looking over the list of confirmed speakers to date, there’s a lot to be excited about. Here are a few that jump out.

Speed matters, and the folks at Apple know this. The new iPad 3 is expected to deliver faster performance via a (rumored) boosted Apple A5X mobile processor. But at the end of the day, it’s still a mobile device, hampered by many of the same constraints as smartphones, from relatively low processor power to touchscreen lag to network constraints. It’s also hampered by fast-growing user expectations.

Application delivery controllers do not focus on front-end problems, yet the language they use is very similar to the language used by the front-end performance community. This post demystifies web acceleration from an ADC perspective — looking at ADC features from the perspective of real end-user performance and asking ourselves how much benefit they bring to real end users.

In honour of Valentine’s Day, our marketing team here at Strangeloop put together this cute set of infographics about how people shop, online and offline, for their special someone(s). Of course, since we are a web performance company, there’s a performance angle here, too. Some interesting factoids…