Written by Joshua Bixby

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I recently started wondering why WebPagetest still uses Internet Explorer 8 as its default browser, when it’s commonly believed that Chrome is more widely used and Firefox comes in at a respectable second place. I also wondered if there are new gaps in terms of which browsers we should be testing on. So I started to do a bit of digging.

The content delivery ecosystem is changing, and with the launch of our latest product — the Strangeloop Network Accelerator — we here at Strangeloop are excited to be playing a part in this. In this post, I provide some historical background that takes us up to the present market readiness for end-to-end optimization. Then I share a bit of how Network Accelerator works.

We are excited today to announce a new feature inspired by Australia-based online electronics retailer Kogan.com. The Browser Tax feature allows site administrators, at the click of a button, to add a tax to any browser in the checkout process. This flexible system allows site operators to impose any % tax they would like.