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Security-related performance problems can happen in a few key areas — some of which you have control over, and some of which you don’t. While each of these areas by itself may not amount to much, the cumulative performance penalty can be significant. And while you may not be able to make performance-improving changes to your (or your visitors’) security features, this makes a compelling argument for why you need to optimize all the other areas that are within your control.

There are some great case studies here, of both large and small sites, which I love to see. There’s also some truly excellent debate about responsive design and the mobile web, sparked by a post from Jakob Nielsen last spring, as well as some good stuff about the browser wars and third-party content.

I’ll be unplugging for the next ten days while I take my wife and boys on vacation. Until I come back, here are some popular posts from the archives. Enjoy. 🙂

Our team, led by Hooman Beheshti and Jarrod Connolly, has been working for years to perfect mobile acceleration, and they’ve spent a huge amount of time digging into the browser cache conundrum. Hooman recently presented some very interesting findings at Velocity, which I want to expand on in this post.