Written by Joshua Bixby

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I’ll come right to it: As of this week, I’m retiring. I’m leaving this blog and our technology in more than capable hands, and I’m very excited about the future direction of both.

We studied the page speed and composition of 400 top European retailers to see how these sites would load for visitors using Chrome 23 (the most popular browser in the EU at the time of testing). While the results may not be shocking if you’ve been paying close attention to this space, they may come as an eye-opener to online retailers in the EU.

Like so many of the people I meet in our community, Tim Morrow is a practical idealist when it comes to performance. He has an inspiring combination of aspirational, visionary thinking, and the savvy to back up thought with action. It was my great privilege to speak with him about topics ranging from third-party content to performance testing. I hope you enjoy listening.

When is it okay — and possibly even better — to use “big enough” data rather than big data? A case study that explores the question: how big is big enough?

A little brain candy for you. This video isn’t directly about web performance, but it’s about a fascinating overlapping area of study: how and why we perceive time the way we do. (Short answer: No one quite agrees on the how, though they have some theories about the why.)