Thank you.

I’ll come right to it: As of this week, I’m retiring.

Between the birth of my third child and preparing the move to Radware, the past sixteen months have been exhilarating. And, like most exhilarating experiences, it’s been exhausting. I’m tapped out. It’s time to unplug and recharge. I know — those metaphors contradict each other. That’s what happens when you’re tired. 🙂 I’ll be taking an extended break. For how long, I can’t say — possibly till my wife gets sick of having me around the house. Maybe a bit longer.

Radware has a sustainable vision for our technology and the chops to execute that vision. I’m looking forward to watching and cheering from the sidelines.

Kent Alstad – one of Strangeloop’s cofounders, our former CTO, author of all our patents, and the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met when it comes to hardcore FEO – will continue to drive innovation on the product side of things at Radware. Kent is also an awesome speaker, so you can look forward to seeing more of him on the conference circuit and on this blog.

On the performance evangelism side, Tammy Everts will be taking over here on the blog, as well as with speaking engagements and everything that goes with that. Under her leadership, you’ll continue to enjoy the high quality of research, insights, and industry news that I hope you’ve come to associate with this site. Some of you already know Tammy, but if not, you should know that she’s been working closely with me behind the scenes for the past three years. This blog has been very much a collaborative effort, and I want to publicly thank Tammy for both her ideas and her much-needed editing skills. Before coming to Strangeloop, she had a long background in user experience. She brings a really cool perspective on the human side of performance, and I know she’s already planning some exciting new research in that area, as well as continuing to cover the business and technical aspects. I’ve also pestered her into reviving her semi-dormant Twitter account, so I encourage you to follow her there and force her to post. 🙂

Radware has also taken the forward-looking step of training a global team of technical experts who can preach our technology in every major market. With dozens of performance-related Meetup groups popping up around the world, I’m very excited about the prospect of connecting with as many new people as possible — something Strangeloop, as a smaller company, was always limited in doing.

People keep asking me what’s next for me, and the answer isn’t that glamorous. I’m sure I’ll return to the tech world some day. Startup fever is like malaria: it keeps coming back. But for now, my plans include enjoying more time with my beautiful wife and our three boys, taking long walks with my dog, and spending some quality time connecting with my garden. (I have some ambitious pond-building plans.)

If I tried to thank everyone who’s supported me over the past several years, I’d be here all day, so let me just say thank you to everyone, including you.