Aaron Peters (Turbobytes): Why all CDNs are not created equal [PODCAST]

This week’s podcast is, for me, a fascinating convergence of two hot-button topics: content delivery and real user measurement (RUM).

This is a really exciting time in the CDN space. If you haven’t spent a lot of time in the content delivery world, you need to know that it’s an intensely competitive space. In just a few short years, it’s shifted from being a virtual monopoly to a much more competitive landscape, with new contenders arriving almost weekly, it seems. Content delivery can be expensive. It can also be really hard to know which CDN will actually deliver the goods the fastest, since this can fluctuate over time and geographical locations.

Over in its own parallel world, RUM has really evolved over the past few years — from an arcane topic discussed by only the geekiest geeks to a subject that’s on pretty much every site owner’s lips (or at least should be). It’s a no-brainer that any content owner wants to get as much insight as possible into how their content moves out in the real world. The funny thing is that it took so long for our tools to catch up to this need.

It was only a matter of time before someone saw an opportunity to apply RUM to pick the best CDN by region/time. Pioneered by my good friends at Cedexis, this practice has been adapted for the SME market by my guest this week, Aaron Peters, along with his partner Sajal Kayan. Their company, Turbobytes, which launched last spring, monitors the real-world performance of six global CDNs, and then ensures that site owners’ content is always delivered by the fastest one. They buy buckets of CDN capacity and resell it to their customers, thus creating a one-stop shop for CDN measurement, dynamic CDN selection, and small object caching. And as the icing on the cake, Turbobytes wants to monetizes all the RUM data it gathers by selling it back to the CDNs.

Aaron was kind enough to sit down and share with me how he and Sajal came to this business model.

Listen to the podcast: Aaron Peters

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