NEW PODCASTS: Mark Jennings (Lonely Planet) and Josh Fraser (Torbit)

Now that the buzz around last week’s announcement is starting to subside, time to play a bit of catch-up on the podcast front.

I’m very, very happy with how well-received the podcast has been so far — no doubt thanks to having a non-stop stream of rockstar guests, including folks like Pat Meenan, Eric Goldsmith, and Ilya Grigorik. The stream is still in full flow, and I’m really excited about the guests who are lined up in the coming weeks. If you have any suggestions or feedback, I’m all ears. Leave a comment, or email me at joshua(at) webperformancetoday(dot)com.

Now on to my latest guests…

I love getting a chance to talk with the people who work behind the scenes to keep well-used sites fast, so I was thrilled to chat with Mark Jennings, Technical Operations Manager at Lonely Planet Online. If you’ve ever used the Lonely Planet site, you know that it’s an incredibly useful resource. And if you’ve done a lot of travelling and tried to access the web in remote locations, you know that performance can be a huge pain. Mark’s job is making sure that it isn’t an issue for Lonely Planet’s audience, and he and his team do a pretty remarkable job. Getting there wasn’t always easy, though, and in our interview, he talks about the challenges of selling performance internally. He also talks about the massive growth in Lonely Planet’s mobile traffic, and what this means in terms of not just making pages faster, but keeping them fast for every visitor.

Listen to the podcast: Mark Jennings

My most recent guest is Josh Fraser, CEO of Torbit, a company that’s doing some cool things in the real user measurement space. (A few people thought I was crazy for interviewing Josh, since Torbit‘s solution overlaps the FEO space, making them something of a competitor — but as far as I’m concerned, it’s a big pond and there’s lots of room for everyone.) Josh and I are both serial start-up guys, so we had a really interesting chat about entrepreneurialism. We also talked about the evolution of performance metrics, from technical to business, and Josh made some predictions about what 2013 will hold for our industry.

Listen to the podcast: Josh Fraser

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