Strangeloop has joined Radware

The i’s and t’s have all their requisite dots and crosses, and today I’m extremely excited to announce that Strangeloop has been acquired by Radware.

This is a really great day — not just for Strangeloop, but for our customers and for acceleration technology in general.

It’s great for Strangeloop because we get to integrate our awesome team with the equally awesome folks at Radware. We get the best of both worlds — the ability to continue to push forward with the same aggressive start-up mentality we’ve had ever since we founded the company in 2006, coupled with the ability to bring our solutions to a greater audience, thanks to Radware’s huge market reach and global reputation. It’s every tech company’s dream scenario.

It’s great for our customers and partners because it makes their lives simpler in an increasingly complicated world. Our customers have always asked us to help them find ways to limit complexity. By bundling our products with Radware’s complementary application delivery and security solutions, companies can now enjoy unparalleled, highly secure, end-to-end acceleration in one package.

It’s great for FEO technology in general because we can continue to innovate — developing new treatments and furthering our performance knowledge, and then sharing that knowledge with you, the members of our community.

You can read this post on the Strangeloop blog to find out what this move means, in practical terms, for our customers and partners, but the short answer is that it’s business as usual here at Strangeloop. I have a new Radware title — VP Application Acceleration — but other than that, things will go on pretty much as usual. I’ll continue to explore and evangelize performance through my blog and podcast, and I hope you’ll continue to join us on our exciting journey.

If you have questions, my virtual door is always open.

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