Ilya Grigorik (Google): When it comes to tackling web performance, we all still have a lot to learn [PODCAST]

It doesn’t matter what area of web performance you specialize in, if you’re anywhere in the performance space, this week’s podcast has something for you:

  • social analytics
  • RUM
  • SPDY
  • HTTP 2.0
  • CDNs
  • mobile performance
  • scuttlebutt about sharing an office with Steve Souders

The guy who’s delivering the goods on all these facets of performance is Ilya Grigorik, one of the smartest people I’ve ever talked to, inside or outside our industry. Ilya has a fascinating breadth of experience. He’s deep in the weeds on a few sides of the performance equation: from protocols to analytics to how pages are actually put together. As developer advocate at Google, he’s not only chin deep in Google Analytics and SPDY, but also walking the DOM and fiddling with CSS. And he gets to share an office with Steve, which you’ll hear me grill him mercilessly about. 🙂

What makes talking with Ilya really refreshing is that he doesn’t just have a lot to share about what he knows — he’s also really candid about what we don’t know and what we could be doing better. And he’s remarkably upbeat about the Sisyphean task of making the entire web faster. Enjoy.

Listen to the podcast: Ilya Grigorik

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