This week on the Web Performance Today podcast: Cliff Crocker and Buddy Brewer

I feel extremely lucky in the calibre of guests who’ve been kind enough to chat with me on the Web Performance Today podcast. Last week, we kicked things off with Pat Meenan and Stephen Thair. This week, I’m talking to Cliff Crocker and Buddy Brewer.

Cliff Crocker is a great guy whom I’m happy to also call a friend. If you’re in the performance space, Cliff is a really interesting person to talk to because he’s sat on different sides of the fence, first as a solution vendor at Keynote, then as a customer at Walmart, and then again as a solution vendor — this time at SOASTA, where he’s currently VP Product. If you want to learn about the dynamics of the buying and selling process, he’s the person to talk to. And as you might also guess, he has a massive amount of insight into real user measurement and where that industry is heading. Which is a good segue into my other guest this week…

Buddy Brewer is one of the co-founders, along with Philip Tellis, of LogNormal, one of the most innovative RUM tools on the market — so innovative, in fact, that it was recently acquired by SOASTA. Everyone who’s ever worked with Buddy agrees he’s a rare combination — an awesome guy who also happens to be really sharp. A lot of technologists dream of taking their startup from bootstrap to successful acquisition, but Buddy and Philip actually made that dream come true — and in just over a year. When you listen to this podcast, you’ll get some great insight into how they made it happen.

I hope you enjoy this week’s interviews. If you have any feedback or suggestions for future podcasts, let me know.


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