This is your brain on a slow website [INFOGRAPHICS]

At Strangeloop, we talk a lot about the business value of web performance, but we’re just as interested in the psychology behind those metrics. Our marketing team recently put together this fun set of infographics that explains a bit of the science behind why we all crave nigh-instantaneous page loads.

If this is your kind of thing, there’s also an accompanying report — Our need for web speed: It’s about neuroscience, not entitlement — based on a post I wrote a while back.

Infographic: This is your brain on a slow website

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13 thoughts on “This is your brain on a slow website [INFOGRAPHICS]

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  2. Aloha Joshua,

    Love this article, and your graphic.

    Hey, can we repost this INFOGRAPHIC on our website? We will naturally give you full credit and link back to this page.

    Aloha, Franz,
    Team JingleSPOT

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  5. Thanks, Franz. I can’t take much credit for the graphics. We have some very talented people making them for us. :)

    Please feel free to use them on your blog. I’d love to check out your post, if you could send me the link.

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