37 lessons I’ve learned on the performance front lines [SLIDES]

(Full disclosure: I may have miscounted. There could be more than 37 lessons here.)

I just realized that I’ve been remiss in posting the slides from the keynote I was kindly asked to give at WebPerfDays, the “unconference” that followed up Velocity EU in London last week.

For this keynote, I decided to do something I’ve never done before — corral all the performance-related findings we’ve made over the past few years here at Strangeloop. It was a really interesting exercise for me. We tend to remember the big sexy studies, and it’s easy to forget about all the incremental learning we do on a daily basis, not to mention the epiphanies that can surprise us in the course of our regular work.

I hope you enjoy these slides as much as I enjoyed putting them together. If you have any questions about the research behind any of these points, let me know.

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