O’Reilly webcast: Mobile web performance trends and predictions [SLIDES]

Earlier this week, I had the privilege of participating in an O’Reilly webcast as a preview for my session at Velocity EU next week, where I’ll be presenting the results of Strangeloop’s first annual state of the union on mobile ecommerce performance (not to be confused with our quarterly SoTU on desktop performance, which was most recently released last week).

If you missed the webcast on Tuesday, here are the slides:

We covered a lot of ground. Here’s an overview:

  • 3-5: The mobile market
  • 6-12: Case studies: Why is faster better?
  • 13-23: Measuring mobile performance: tools and tips
  • 24-29: Visualizing performance
  • 30: How does data work on a mobile network?
  • 31-91: Best practices in action
  • 92-102: Mobile caching (it’s a good thing)
  • 103-111: Evolution: Where mobile is heading
  • 112-115: Sneak peek: 2012 State of Mobile Ecommerce Performance

As you can see, I saved the preview for near the end. But I saved the best slide for last… my costume for our “Celebrity Dress-Alike Day” at Strangeloop on Tuesday:

If you have any questions about these slides, drop me a note in the comments. And if you’re going to Velocity next week, I hope to see you there!

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