Marrying CDNs with front-end optimization for maximum acceleration

Content delivery networks (CDNs) make sites faster. Front-end optimization (FEO) solutions like the ones we develop at Strangeloop make sites faster. But in our industry, there’s very little talk about the dynamic between CDNs and FEO. This morning, I had a great opportunity to talk about this at the 2012 Content Delivery Summit.

If you’ve ever looked for hard data about the combined benefits of a CDN+FEO solution, you’ll be interested in the slides from my session. It includes a case study that clearly shows the acceleration gains using just a CDN, then the additional gains of adding FEO to the mix:

As I mentioned in my talk, this year is going to mark a lot of major innovation in desktop and mobile acceleration, including aggressive advances in CDN and FEO technology. A few other trends I’ve noticed from the trenches:

  • 200+ of the top ecommerce sites have been running automated FEO for two or more years.
  • 5 out of 10 internet retailers have an automated FEO strategy and plan to implement it in 2012.
  • FEO-accelerated sites are 30-50% faster than non-FEO sites.
  • CDNs are increasing their MRR with customers by 40-50% on top of existing acceleration solutions like DSA.

Many thinks to Dan Rayburn, who organized the summit and invited me to speak. It was a great opportunity to speak with a new audience, alongside an excellent roster of speakers.

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