Top e-commerce sites suffer on Valentine’s Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

In honour of Valentine’s Day, our marketing team here at Strangeloop put together this cute set of infographics about how people shop, online and offline, for their special someone(s). (News to me: Until I read this, I didn’t know that annual condom sales spike just before February 14th, and home pregnancy test sales spike in March.)

Of course, since we are a web performance company, naturally there’s a performance angle here. Some interesting factoids:

  • Last year, the average load time of 10 leading Valentine’s Day retail sites was 21.5 seconds in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day.
  • Florist sites get hit hardest on Valentine’s Day morning (probably due to the fact that something like 30% of us — myself included — waited till today to shop). Traffic volume can make pages up to 400% slower or cause them to totally crash.

Enjoy, and feel free to re-post these on your own site (high-res version here). If you have any new holiday performance stats, I’d love to hear them.

Web performance and e-commerce facts and statistics

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