“Phone rage”: How people react to slow mobile sites

This proves that, if you have a question, there’s probably been a study to answer it. When we were preparing to launch our Mobile Site Optimizer, I found myself wondering if there are any numbers on “phone rage” (my term).* It took about 30 seconds to track down this poll, conducted for Tealeaf by Harris Interactive, which finds that when mobile sites and devices perform badly, their owners don’t always handle it well.

Graph: Mobile rage: How people react to slow websites

Among those who have experienced problems conducting mobile transactions, 23% have cursed at their phones; 11% have screamed at them; and 4% have thrown them.

*You know, like road rage, but directed toward your poorly performing phone rather than the guy who just cut you off in traffic. Come to think of it, road rage and mobile rage probably intersect in the real world, but it scares me to think about this for too long.

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