Google’s new Page Speed service: A handy resource for smaller site owners

I wasn’t planning to write a post about Google’s new Page Speed service, but a number of people have asked me for my thoughts, so if you’re following all the discussions, you can add this post to the pile.

The main, and most obvious, question I’ve been asked is, “Is the Page Speed service a threat?” In short, no.

Last fall, when Google announced mod_pagespeed, we here at Strangeloop opened our arms wide to give it a great big hug. The entire Page Speed suite offers some good basic content optimization treatments. Because mod_pagespeed is open source, we were happy to have the opportunity to cherry pick the few treatments we didn’t already offer in our Site Optimizer products and integrate those.

Page Speed will be a handy resource for smaller sites with little to no complexity, whose owners don’t have developer time to pour into hand-tuning their sites, or the money to put into investing in an advanced performance automation solution. It fills an important gap in the market, and while it may not solve every performance pain, it should solve some — hopefully giving small business owners a chance to level the playing field by speeding up their sites enough to remain competitive in an increasingly brutal online marketplace.

To me, what’s most compelling about this announcement is that it offers still more validation that site speed is a crucial business issue. With all the press Page Speed is getting, it’s great to know that this message is getting out to the general public.

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9 thoughts on “Google’s new Page Speed service: A handy resource for smaller site owners

  1. It seems to be the same the same content delivery service which other CDNs are providing with a difference by concatenating CSS. By providing this service, Google will always have updated content for its services like search engine and Adsense. Will there be any other difference between Google’s page speed service and other CDNs?

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  3. Just ran the Webpagetest with the Page Speed comparison. Before Page Speed, the page took 4.241s. After PAge Speed “optimized” 5.261s, a 24.1% INCREASE. Oops.

  4. @Ian,
    You may not get the desired results in the first test. Run the test a couple of times. In the first visit, Google fetch the content from source and cache it. In the 2nd request the content will be served from cache. Are you measuring the performance with www or just the domain name?

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