Quick roundup: Mobile performance

Today, our partners at Neustar have invited me to participate in an online panel for the mobile market. I’ll be joining Steve Souders, Patrick Lightbody and Michael Sheehan, and ostensibly we’re going to tell you all about “the opportunities and challenges of managing mobile performance.”

In light of this topic, I wanted to round up some of the most-read posts on this blog that relate to mobile performance issues:

Early findings: 97% of mobile end-user response time happens at the front end

It’s pretty widely known that around 80% of performance issues happen at the front end. We wanted to find out if this number holds true for mobile performance as well, so we dug into our customer database and analyzed five million transactions.

Why mobile websites are still disappointing consumers

58 percent of mobile users say they expect sites to load as quickly on their devices as they do on their desktops. Yet industry benchmarks suggest that mobile sites may be getting slower, not faster. What’s the deal?

Review: Blaze Mobile performance measurement tool

Mobitest is a simple, easy-to-use test for anyone starting out on the performance testing path.

2011 predictions for the mobile industry

Now that the year is almost half over, how right was I?


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