Performance and the cloud: The era of the end user

This week at Strangeloop, we’re missing our VP of Product, Hooman Beheshti. He’s in Santa Clara, chairing the Performance and Monitoring track at Cloud Connect. If you want to follow along at home, they’re streaming the keynotes live, and BitCurrent (one of the forces behind Cloud Connect) has been live-blogging some of the sessions.

In the lead-up to Cloud Connect, BitCurrent released a very readable report called The Era of the End User, which discusses the cloud, user experience, and internal productivity. A few highlights:

  • In the cloud, capacity is, for all intents and purposes, infinite. When you want more capacity, you just pay for it.” This raises the question: how do you calculate what kind of user experience your organization can afford? (Bear in mind: I’m not implying that getting a better cloud provider and increasing capacity will automatically make your site faster. Capacity can help with some of your performance problems, but front-end optimization is a must-have today.)
  • In the future, the efficacy of websites and web applications will be measured by a formal metric like “cost per visitor-second.”
  • A study conducted by IBM nearly three decades ago demonstrated that, not only does latency affect the number of tasks an employee can perform, but “as the application becomes more responsive, the employee becomes exponentially more productive.”
  • We ignore app performance at our peril: “Employees have expectations of performance, reliability, and usability that are set by consumer web applications, and enterprise IT has to meet those expectations… Without a watchful eye on employee experience, multi-million dollar IT initiatives can go to waste as employees give up on slow, hard-to-use tools and revert to old, familiar, more costly ways of doing their jobs.”

Download the report: The Era of the End User

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