The quest for the holy grail of website speed: 2-second page load times

1to1 Media recently asked me to write an article for them on why 2 seconds is the current “holy grail” of site speed, how much faster this benchmark is likely to get, and how to start developing a performance action plan. Here’s an excerpt:

Like it or not, your website’s speed is your brand.

Usability expert Jakob Nielsen has spent the past 17 years studying why we use the web the way we do. In a recent post on website response times, Nielsen refers to a study he conducted in which he asked users their opinions about various websites they had visited in the past. He notes that “It was striking to hear users complain about the slowness of certain sites. Slowness (or speed) makes such an impact that it can become one of the brand values customers associate with a site.”

In other words, a fast user experience is better than a flashy one. People engage more with a site and develop more powerful brand affinity when they can move quickly and focus on its content – and their task at hand – rather than wait for pages to load.

The rest of the article is here: How Fast is Fast Enough to Keep Customers’ Attention Online?

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