Friday Four: Gone fishin’ edition

I’m off for a week-long unplugged getaway with my wife and boys. On that theme, I leave you with this set of links:

CNN Health: Why we can’t unplug on vacation
“The impulse to check messages frequently relates to a psychological principle called a variable reinforcement schedule, says Uzzi. That means when animals — or humans — are rewarded randomly for a particular behavior, it’s harder to get them to stop the behavior than if they had been rewarded consistently for the same behavior.”

Five techie gadgets that are must haves when you travel
The personal video network from VUE — allowing paranoid globetrotters to monitor their homes via streaming webcam — was a surprise to see on this list.

Top 100 ebooks
Ebooks don’t count as technology, right? I mean, technically you’re still unplugged. ¬†Right? </self-serving rationalization> At any rate, here’s a list of the current top sellers on Amazon, along with a list of the 100 most-downloaded free ebooks. (Cool to see The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes show up in the #6 spot here. If you haven’t read any of the Holmes books, do. You can thank me later.)

John Harvey Kellogg and the Battle Creek Sanitarium
A refreshing reminder that the ability to turn an ordinary vacation into a gadget-riddled survival exercise is not new to the human condition.