Friday Four: Telecommuting, Games in the Workplace, and Facebook Timesucking

In Defense of Games in the Workplace
In this interview by Mac Slocum, “Gamestorming” author Dave Gray talks about how games cut through creative chaos: “Gamestorming is a great approach when you are entering into unknown territory, when you need to imagine or design for the future, and when you need to tap creative energy. What games are best at is facilitating collaboration and innovation.”

Debunking the Myths of the Telecommute
About half of our employees at Strangeloop telecommute, and they are all amazingly productive. It’s incredible to me that in this day and age, people are still incredulous that this is the case. I’m always happy to find articles like this, confirming that telecommuting really can work.

Facebook Gobbles 16 Billion Minutes of Your Time a Day
That’s straight from the mouth of Facebook systems engineer Tom Cook. Other factoids: The average user has 130 friends and creates 70 pieces of content each month. How do you compare? Me? I’m not telling. 🙂

A New Version Of Google Chrome Now Due Every Six Weeks
Sounds crazy, but it actually makes loads of sense if your goal is a bug-free product: “The most important thing that Google highlights may be the easing of pressure off of their engineering team. Under the old, longer release model, engineers would be pressured into trying to finish new features before a deadline or risk having them cut and not showing up for months. With the new release schedule, even if something isn’t ready to go in one release, it will only be six weeks until it makes the next one.”