Friday Four: Giving away your birthday, paying to comment, and writing like Dan Brown

Seth Godin gives away his birthday
Never a fan of “birthday hoopla”, marketing guru Seth Godin has given his 50th birthday to a project called Charity:water. Now, instead of giving Seth a tie or aftershave like you did last year, you can make a donation to buy a well for a third-world village. (At the time of this writing, the project has raised $35,097 and is on its way to its $50K target.)

A movie for anyone on Facebook
After reading about Facebook every day in the news, Casey Niestat decided to make a mini documentary about the social networking megasite. Worth watching just for the cute hand-drawn facsimile of a Facebook feed, and worth forwarding to your non-FB friends who don’t get what all the hubbub is about.

Online comments now cost 99 cents
“Anxious to lift an outright ban on comments, The Attleboro (Mass.) Sun-Chronicle has begun requiring two things of online readers who want to leave their thoughts on stories: 99 cents and their real names. The newspaper should expect much criticism from various quarters, but it’s a fascinating experiment and a bold response to the endless trolling, vitriol and drivel that is enabled by anonymity in online forums.” [Via Slashdot]

I Write Like…
…Dan Brown. At least that’s what I Write Like – an online text analyzer making the internet rounds these days – told me when I fed it the first four paragraphs of this post. (Grain of salt: Someone else fed it fifty lines of uncommented C code, and got Vladimir Nabokov.)