Friday Four: Right to broadband in Finland, jobless comp-sci grads in the UK, and iTunes in the cloud

Finland makes broadband access a legal right
Yesterday, Finland led the globe by becoming the first country to make broadband a legal right. No, it doesn’t mean free internet for the citizenry, but it does put ISPs on the line for connecting anyone who requests a connection – and doing so at a reasonable price, regardless of how remote the location. (Via Human 2.0)

Apple iTunes in the cloud definitely happening soon
According to a “reliable Apple source”, iTunes will be getting a massive cloud capability that will, among other things, let users wirelessly sync iTunes with their devices, as well as stream music and movies rather than invest in endless local media storage.

Computer science grads least likely to find employment
That’s the story in the UK, at any rate. The BBC reports that computer science grads are the least employable of all recent graduates. Within six months of graduation, 17% had not managed to find work. The average across all disciplines is 10%.

Browser Speed Tests: The latest Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari — on a Mac
Lest you think that only those of us in the tech community are concerned with performance, this post on Lifehacker shows that regular folks are concerned with maximizing their user experience as well. The browsers were tested using a variety of criteria – from bootup time to memory use – and while each had its strengths, Chrome emerged as the winner, with Safari a close second.