The Performance Metrics Project: Would you participate?

Today at Velocity (1:00pm in Ballroom AB), I’ll be presenting important data that Strangeloop has gathered from our customers. It shows some interesting trends that correlate performance and key business metrics.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of my slides:

Web Performance Optimization: How landing page speed affects conversion rate

Customers who use our device or our service can easily opt-in to supply their performance and metrics data to help us gather exactly this kind of information. Most do, which is incredibly generous of them.

The cool thing is that it’s easy for anyone to contribute data, not just Strangeloop customers. All you have to do is insert some Javascript code into your page, the same way you do for things like Google Analytics.

Which leads me to my question:

Would you consider participating in an open project wherein contributors shared their performance and metrics data in order to gather and analyze realtime data from real websites? Would your organization? Is such a project even worthwhile? I’m keen on this idea, and I’m working to garner universal support within Strangeloop. However, opening this kind of data-gathering up to a broader audience will take time and effort. In your opinion, is it worth it?

Please give me your feedback and level of interest in the comments or by email:

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