Coming to Velocity? Find me here. And here and here.

Things are busy here at Strangeloop HQ as we gear up for Velocity next week and prepare for a pretty major company announcement, but I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about what I’ll be speaking about in my Velocity sessions.

The good folks at Velocity have been kind enough to offer me three speaking opportunities:

On Tuesday at 1:45pm, I’ll be leading a workshop called The 90-Minute Optimization Life Cycle with Hooman Beheshti, Strangeloop’s VP Product. Hooman and I will be subjecting an unsuspecting website to real-time optimization. We’ll be implementing A/B segmentation to measure metrics like conversion and bounce rate, then iterating through a bunch of Google and Yahoo’s performance best practices to see what happens in real time. Curious about the results? So am I!

On Wednesday at 1:00pm, I’ll be presenting Performance Impact, Part Two: More Findings from the Front Lines of Web Acceleration. This is a follow-up of last year’s Performance Impact session. After that session, we received a ton of questions about our study. This year, I’ll be answering those questions and talking about our phase 2 findings.

And if you’re not sick of me after all that, I have a keynote at 11:45am on Thursday. I’ll be talking about the mobile web and why it’s the next exciting frontier for site acceleration.

I’m really excited about having the opportunity to check out what my colleagues are up to. I’ll be hitting as many sessions as possible, including Sean Power and Alistair Croll’s Metrics 101, Tim Morrow’s Shopzilla update Time Is Money, Stoyan Stefanov’s Psychology of Performance, and Tom Hughes-Croucher’s I Made a Map of the Internet.

I hope to see you there!